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June 17, 2019



Dear Statewide APA Members;


Summer is here….finally!  This message brings along best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable summer, time spent with family and friends, and a renewal of energy in preparation for the return of students to our campuses in September.  

APA members will be receiving the last 2% salary increase of the 2017-2020 contract in the pay period that follows July 1st.  In order to receive this increase, members must have been employed at their institution as of April 1, 2019.  Of course, this last contractual payment signals that it is time to begin the preparation for negotiating the 2020-2022 APA Agreement.  This summer, you will receive a link to a survey that will allow you to give input into the items we negotiate.  As the Bargaining Team has done in the past, this survey will allow you to articulate up to five items you think deserve consideration.  We deliberately choose not to prompt you with “multiple choice” questions, as we have found that your unguided responses give us more information and ideas that we may not have considered.  Please take a few minutes to let us know your concerns and ideas about the APA Agreement.  We will be collecting data and sorting through the survey responses through the fall and will be able to post the results on the website.  No worries!  Surveys are anonymous.  Bargaining in earnest will begin in March of 2020.

At this time, our first cycle of the new Evaluation Process should be winding up.  As always, we are interested in your thoughts and comments on how well this new Evaluation is working for our members.  Please send your thoughts about the process to your Local Chapter President – or if you have concerns, it might be good to include any improvement ideas in the survey you complete this summer.

We hope you have been noticing the new section: “Question of the Month” that is on this website.  These questions reflect those items that members frequently ask of the their local chapter or the Executive Board.  They also offer guidance for members who have concerns about how to handle matters with which they are confronted.   

Finally, it has been a pleasure, along with the other officers of the APA Executive Board, to visit several local chapters this Spring.  My sincere thanks to the members of both Bridgewater and Framingham for recently welcoming me to campus and afford the chance to catch up on local issues.  As the local chapters hold meetings this year, we hope to visit and hear what is happening around the state.  Until we meet – have a great summer.



Sherry Horeanopoulos
Statewide APA President
Fitchburg State Local Chapter President


APA represents 1431 members. We are professional staff and education support professionals working at public colleges and universities across Massachusetts.


APA President
Sherry Horeanopoulos
Fitchburg State University

APA Vice President
Charlie Cianfarini
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

APA Treasurer
Maria Brunelle
Westfield State University

APA Secretary
Katheryn Bradford
Westfield State University

APA Membership Coordinator 
Aaron Childs
Westfield State University

Katie D'Urso

Liz Novak